Hydrogen Fuel Cell for your Saab



Just thought I'd let you know that I'm so pleased with the installation. I've covered 200lms and the fuel gauge has hardly moved. Fantasic. Can I have a sticker for the back of the car for some free advertising for you.
P.Williams, (Renault Scenic 1.9DTi)

You're going to love this.
Installed cell on my mum's Mitsubishi L200 turbo diesel on wednesday afternoon.
Everybody had a drive and all noticed definate improvements in power and smoothness.
I took it to my mechanic (whose has been servicing it for about 7 years) he had a drive and said that he almost didn't recognise it. We arranged to take it to the MOT center for an emmissions test (of course, they all thought I am mad).
I found an old MOT analysis: Date 24-05-2004, @ km 96,775 , diesel smoke volume 0.49 m-1
Today's result MOT analysis: Date 09-05-2009, @ km 196,500 , diesel smoke volume 0.31 m-1
Clearly there is an improvement of -35% in emmissions and that is after 1 day. Actually it is probably more when you take into consideration the age and amount of Km's it has covered since the previous MOT!
After the test the examiner invited me to return for a chat! My mechanic was also very impressed by the result, he also wants a chat!
The funny thing was that during the test the examiner kept on revving it up, as though he could get some
more smoke out of it ,he was on it for a least 5 minutes, anyhow he still never said very much. I think that he was doubting the reading and was waiting for the computer to print the report, which it did of course, then he just sat there looking at it, I really think that he still didn't believe it.
I'll keep you posted.
Joe. Cyprus

Hi. These new fuel cells you have made are incredible, my Mitsubishi L200 2.5 now does over 40% more to the gallon. It runs much, much cooler too.Many thanks.
Dave (Mitsubishi L200)

Hi Mate
Just thought i'd drop you an email to thank you, with the recession my Taxi business was suffering, now I have an edge over the rest and should make it through. You were right too about the blackcab that failed on excessive's now passed the MOT since conversion.
Thanks again
Derek (FX4 black cab)

Thank you for converting our Renault Kangoo 1.7DCi. Immediately I noticed the increase in power, it feels about 20BHP. I think I will use this extra power around town with a smaller increase in economy and save economical driving on our journeys back to my home in France. This should pay for itself in a handful of Journeys!

I am so pleased with the conversion on my car, it runs so smoothly now! As you know I was interested in having the car converted as I had to make several 500ml journeys, it has now paid for itself in less than 3 months!! I am so happy and my friends and family all want it done too!!
Antonio Capdevila, (Renault Laguna 2.0i)

I took my car on a run to Sheffield on Sunday and got averaged 10 miles to the gallon more.
Starting to get a bit of interest I have been showing people the new unit.
Wally. (update: The vehicle originally did 42MPG now 62MPG) (Renault Kangoo 1.7DTi Further update: 'just returned from a tour of Ireland and averaged 71MPG!!!!!)

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